During my undergraduate education through to my PhD, I came to realize that my approach to learning new
concepts and solving problems remained essentially unchanged since high school. This emphasized the
long term impact a concrete elementary and high school education can have.

Through the
Essel Learning Centre, my goal is to develop an environment for advanced learning, with
particular emphasis on mathematics, science and engineering education. Although these subjects are
challenging, learning them at a deep level can be fun, intriguing and incredibly fulfilling.

Currently, the
Essel Learning Centre offers after-school and summer programs. To maximize our impact on
students, we are working towards developing a specialized and private day school.
Essel College will be a
science and engineering school with modern facilities and laboratories, providing students with hands-on
training in the sciences, computer programming and engineering. The core focus of the curriculum will be to
develop a broad technical skill set and a deep understanding of science and technology. Equally important
to the curriculum will be the offering of intense language programs for the development of strong writing and
presentation skills. And to support the hands-on curriculum component, a sister company,
Essel Research
and Development
, was established to develop high performance research and science education equipment.
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Director:  Essel Learning Centre Inc.
Dean: Peter Lee

Biophysics (Clarendon Scholar)
Biological Engineering
Engineering Science
Oxford University
University of Toronto