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Essel: A Symbol of Strength and Eternity
Essel is another name for the tamarisk, a species
of the genus Tamarix. This genus comprises of
flowering plants that are native to drier areas of
Eurasia and Africa. Essel trees often grow in
some of the most difficult environments for plants.
They tolerate soils with high salt concentration
and can also tolerate alkali conditions. The
Essel, with its sturdy trunk and evergreen leaves,
was considered to be a symbol of eternity in
ancient times.
Our Mission

The Essel Learning Centre is an institution devoted to advancing the self and society. It is a place where
students are encouraged to constantly push the boundaries of their understanding of the world around
them. We foster curiosity and creativity in our classrooms and motivate students to use their minds for the
betterment of humanity.

Essel trees, students trained in our programs are able to thrive in the intellectually challenging
environments of the modern world. Because we focus on the fundamentals in our mathematics, science and
language courses, students develop a set of tools that they will use for the rest of their lives. In particular,
our gifted programs in mathematics and science provide students with the rigorous training necessary to
thrive in the top engineering and science university programs. In short, the
Essel Learning Centre is
committed to educational and academic excellence.

Our History and Future

In 1986, at a time when personal computers were becoming widespread, the Essel Learning Centre was
established to offer training courses in computer technology (ex. DOS and BASIC). It was then recognized
that the standard Ontario curriculum in mathematics was lacking. Consequently, the
Essel Learning Centre
began developing and offering advanced mathematics courses to address the needs of gifted students.
Development of advanced science and language courses soon followed.

Today, the
Essel Learning Centre runs after-school and summer programs, supplementing or supplanting
the education students receive at their day school. Future developments include establishing a private
science and engineering school at the middle and high school level.