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The Essel Learning Centre offers programs in mathematics, science, English as a first language, English
as a second language, and French. Our programs provide ideal training for students planning to pursue a
university degree, especially in science and engineering. Since we concentrate on developing fundamental
understanding, students leave our classrooms prepared to take on any challenge set before them.
The School of Athens painting by the Italian
renaissance artist Raphael portrays the greatest
philosophers, scientists and mathematicians of
classical antiquity. It is remarkable to note that
the geometry, for instance, laid down by these
ancient people of more than 2000 years, is the
very same geometry taught to school children
and utilized by engineers and scientists today.
And it is in these timeless truths that the
Learning Centre
focuses its attention. We are
dedicated to equipping our students with
wide-ranging intellectual tools that they will rely
on for the rest of their careers and lives.

For more detailed information on each of our
programs, please follow the links below:
The School of Athens (Raphael, 1509 -1510)
The schedules may change without notice,
so please check again for any updates.